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Jefferson Child Care and Education Center

To submit tuition, write check to Jefferson Child Care and Education Center


Call (973) 663-2704 to pay by credit card.


Form of Payment

Fee payment will be accepted in cash, check or money order. If the bank returns a check, the Center will charge a processing fee of $20.00. If the bank returns checks more than twice, we reserve the right to require cash or money orders for future payments.

Payment Schedule

Fees are due one week in advance, each Thursday. Fees may be paid more than one week in advance if specified in the fee contract. The center requires a two-week notice of withdrawal from the program. Failure to provide notice may result in forfeit of deposit.

Late Payment

If fees are not paid when due, a Notice of Intent to Terminate Services will be issued and a late charge will be added to your account. If fee payment is not received by the Center within five (5) days of the date of this notice, services will be terminated.

Contracted Weekly Fee

The entire weekly fee is due for every contracted week of service. If a program is closed for a holiday, the entire contracted weekly fee must be paid. The entire contracted fee is due when a child is absent due to illness, inclement weather, vacation, family visits or any other reason.

No additional fee is charged when public schools schedule half-day sessions for parent/teacher conferences or public school teacher workshops.

A 10% sibling discount is given for children in full time care.

Late Pick Up Fee

A late fee payment of $1.00 per minute will be charged if a child remains in any program after 6:00 p.m. No child will be readmitted into any program if the Late Fee is not paid within one week. The child care program may refuse to provide services to any child if he/she is picked up late more than three times a year.

Reduced Tuition Rates

A limited number of reduced tuition rates are available for all programs. To qualify for a subsidy, parents must provide proof of income in order to show eligibility in the form of:

  • Four most recent pay stubs;
  • A letter from employer(s) stating gross income; OR
  • The family’s income tax return.

Subsidies are determined by family size and income.