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Jefferson Child Care and Education Center

Biting Policy

  1. Keep the children active in organized and supervised activities;
  2. Praise positive behaviors routinely;
  3. If the staff member observes a biting incident, attend to the bitten child immediately, comforting the child with soothing words and touch;
  4. Clean the area of the bite gently with soap and water. Apply ice if necessary;
  5. Place the child who did the biting in a different area of the room and help the child understand the behavior is not acceptable;
  6. Do not give the biter a lot of further attention;
  7. Document the biting incident and report the incident to the director;
  8. Notify the parent of the child who was bitten as soon as the child is picked up. Do not identify the name of the biter to this parent;
  9. Discuss the incident with the parent of the biter and work with them to change the behavior. Monitor the child closely, making sure he/she is busy with activities and materials;
  10. After all preventative steps have been tried by the staff members if the child continues to bite routinely the director or designee will call the parent to pick up the child for the remainder of the day. Chronic biting may require that a child be suspended from enrollment for a period of time (days, weeks, etc.). If a child is suspended the parent should be informed that the child may return to the center as soon as the biting is abated;
  11. If the child returns to the center, continues to bite, and is endangering the other children, the child may be terminated from the program;